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As experienced Music Producers, Tha Kouncil can help by offer their creative perspective and keen ear to your music in meaningful and productive ways. Whether it’s polishing off an album, or putting the final touches on a single song, Tha Kouncil can help you with the final steps towards getting your stuff out there with their professionally produced tracks.


Record Like You Perform In The Studio

Tha Kouncil Production has become a favorite among Artist, as it has many recording techniques paired with amazing instrumentals. Tha Kouncil works incredibly hard mixing and producing all the accompanying arrangements, and is proud to be able to present fans with this final product. Have a listen and discover the magic of music produced by Tha Kouncil.


Network 13

When mind and music come together, a masterful project like Network 13 Show is the end result. Digging deep into their musical soul, Network 13 has paced the piece well, with a compilation of powerful topics and new artist project review and harmonious melodies from Tha Kouncil Production that transcend its theme. Network 13 hopes you enjoy the final product, so please feel free to listen, share, and send them your comments.

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